Can creams help to remove acne scars

Acne is a common problem in the teenagers and young adults these days. the cause can be pollution, stress or poor dietary habits. Once the acne is gone it leaves behind its scars that are the worst to remove.

There are millions of creams available in the market that claim to help you get rid of the scars but none of them has shown any positive results. Although creams can help to remove the acne scars only if you know which one of them are effective and how you can use them. Here we have everything you need to know about the removal of acne scars with creams.
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Things you need

  • Benzoyl peroxide cream
  • Salicylic acid or gentle cleanser
  • Antibacterial ointment
  • Broad-spectrum sunscreen
  • Hydrocortisone ointment
  • Gentle facial scrub

Step 1

Properly wash your face in the morning with a skin cleanser that is medicated with salicylic acid. You can use a gentle cleanser if you have sensitive skin and it acne appear occasionally. Make a form on your face and rub it gently, rinse with normal water and dry your face properly.

Step 2

On the pimples or acne, you have to apply the benzoyl peroxide cream. It will dry up the acne and it will not grow any further. Apply a dot on cream over the pimples and blend it properly on the skin. Make sure that it is completely absorbed into your skin.

Step 3

IF you have scars you have to apply hydrocortisone ointment into them. It has been shown in a study that the cream will reduce the discoloration and the scars will fade away quickly. Make sure that you apply the ointment only of the scars and not on the surrounding skin because it might cause some side effects.

Step 4

Remember that sun can darken your scars, it is important that you protect your skin by applying sunscreen before you head out. You can use any cream with SPF 30 or above because it will protect your skin from tanning. UVA and UVB rays of the sun are harmful for your skin because they can worsen the acne. You can apply SPF in the morning all over your body.

Step 5

At night you have to wash your face properly. Use a cleanser or a scrub so that the pollution and dust on your face will be completely removed and your pores will be open and clean. In this way bacteria and germs will not attack your skin and you will not have to suffer from acne anymore.

Bottom line

Firstly, take a look – best skin lightening cream here. And make sure that you buy all the creams from a reliable retailer. Buying a low-quality product can harm your skin and when it comes to face you have to be extra careful. While you are working on the acne removal treatment make sure that you avoid all other types of cosmetics because they might damage your skin and you will not be able to see the results that you want.